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Why Otto's 1,500°F Steak Grill?

1500°F grilling heat

Easy handling

100% Made in Germany

2 minutes - done!

The secret to a perfect steak? The right temperature. At 1,500°F intense grilling heat your steak develops a wonderful crust while remaining tender on the inside.

Otto's Steak Grill is quick and easy to use and to clean. The grill grate can be adjusted flexibly in height and fits even the largest Porterhouse steak.

Built to last, built to perform and built to look great. For its outstanding product design Otto's Steak Grill won the prestigious German Design Award 2018. 

After only a few minutes Otto's steak grill is ready to go and your food will be done in no time.

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Grill steakhouse steaks at home

The Otto Grill's Dual OverFire Burners reach 1,500°F within 3 minutes. Their radiant technology directly heats the meat, searing your steak quickly to give it that delicious, flavor-sealing crust you know from your favorite steakhouse.

Because the OverFire Burners cook from above, there are no flare-ups or nasty charring. Their temperature is independently adjustable, allowing you to precisely control the heat distribution to achieve a perfect sear on every cut.

The SmoothMove Height Adjustment System allows you to smoothly raise and lower the cast iron grate depending on the thickness of your steak.

In less than 10 minutes - including pre-heating time - your steakhouse caliber steak will be ready!

What you get

  • Gas hose with regulator
    2.6ft long gas hose with regulator and adapter – so you can immediately start grilling!
  • Stainless steel drip tray
    Movable drip tray for collecting meat juices
  • Cast iron grill grate
    Solid 12.8 x 10.4in cast iron grid – enough room for two big Porterhouse steaks
  • Multi-purpose Clever Lever
    Height adjustment, grid allocation and bottle opener – all in one

Technical details

Size: Width 16.7in x depth 17.3in x height 11.6in

Material: Stainless steel corpus, cast iron grill grate

Weight: 39.7lbs

Grid size: 12.8 x 10.4in

Gas type: Propane

Ignition: 2 piezo ignitors

Temperature: Up to 1,500°F

Safety: CE certified, thermoelectric saftey valves

  • Otto’s handy drip tray tongs
    For comfortable and safe drip tray handling

"I love my Otto Wilde Grill. In, out and done. I'm always on the go and time is short. I was shocked at the results."

Thorsten Brandenburg

BBQ World Champion 2017 -

"Otto's O.F.B. Steak Grill is simply the best over-fired broiler. The size of its grill grate and two separately adjustable burners make it particularly versatile. Seriously: 95% of steakhouses don't produce such results. I am truly excited!"

Pat LaFrieda

America's most celebrated butcher and author of "Meat, Everything You Need To Know"

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